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How to upload photos to Instagram from my PC

Learn how to upload photos to Instagram from your PC Desktop with Windows or Mac. Instagram is an app that is used almost exclusively on smartphones, but there are alternatives that allow you, for example, to upload photos from your desktop. Learn how.

There are two methods, one easier than the other, so you can upload photos from your desktop to Instagram, one of the most popular social networks in the world, but which works almost exclusively on smartphones.

Methods to upload photos to Instagram

The first alternative is really simple and we just need to install the official Instagram app on your Windows 10 desktop. You will have to go to the official Windows store and search for Instagram. Once it is installed on our desktop, we open it, register and we can use our social network account on the desktop.

Instagram Windows Store

But this step does not end here. Whether you want to upload photos with this application will depend a lot on the device you have at home. If you have a Tablet or a hybrid laptop with a camera on the back, an icon with the + symbol will appear in the official app at the bottom center of the screen. There you must press to enter the option to take a picture, as if you were doing it from your smartphone.

When you have a new screen in front of you, in the lower left part of the box you will find a small symbol with two arrows, which you can use to switch between front or rear camera, as long as you have one! When you’re ready to take the photo, click the circular button. Before publishing it, a screen will appear where you can edit or apply the filters that you usually use in the app, but from your smartphone. When the photo is the way you like it, you can publish it from your Windows 10 device.

Upload photos to Instagram from the Chrome browser

It is also possible to do it in another way. Through your desktop or a Mac, and through the Google browser, Chrome. What do you need? Have Chrome updated, nothing more. The rest will depend on your attention to follow the following instructions.

Go to the Instagram website in Chrome and sign in to your account. Once you are there, right click with the mouse and an options panel will open, where you will choose ‘Inspect’. You can also get to this point by pressing the F12 key.

When you do, a menu with different codes will open on the right side of the screen. We are interested in the upper part, so we set our sights there. We will find an icon in the shape of a smartphone and tablet, it is the Toggle Device Toolbar, so we click on it and the interface we see on the Instagram website will become the interface you see on your smartphone. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+ Shift + M.

Once this is done, you must press F5, so that the tool is updated and that’s it. You can now use the browser window as if it were the Instagram interface on your smartphone. To upload a photo to the application, you must click on the + icon and the browser will immediately open to choose the image you want to publish. With this mode you can also edit or modify the image, choose filters and put the hashtags you want. This functionality will allow the user to not only upload photos, but also videos.

Update: Instagram has update its interface, so now we can do it directly from the website just clicking on the “+” button on the left sidebar.

Upload photos to Instagram with third-party apps

Well, because the two methods mentioned above do not work for you or you trust other applications, here we will indicate another method, which is none other than installing a third-party app, which may work even on Windows or Mac, and thus you can upload photos that you have on your file, as you will not be able to use the camera.

A popular app to make use of this option is Gramblr . You will enter their website and select the Windows or Mac icon, a .zip file will be downloaded and you will have to unzip it. But you don’t have to install anything, don’t worry. You just have to run the file.

The app will ask you to register with your Instagram account, so you will be exposing your privacy. Do not forget. If you still want to continue, complete the process and you will be on the main Gramblr screen. Here you will find a square on which you have to slide the photo you want to upload or click on the box to manually search for the image.

You can, of course, crop the photo to your liking, and then you hit the green save button. Later, you can save, add filters or special movement effects; In this section you can use many options, so you won’t get bored if you want to give your image more life. You save all the changes. Then, on the right you will have a box in which you will write a description of your photo and that’s it, you can publish it at that moment and schedule it.

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