How to track an Amazon package

track an Amazon package

There are several ways to track an Amazon package or trace a package purchased on Amazon. If the option that the same store gives you is not enough for you, here you will find others.

You bought the artifact you’ve been waiting a long time for and now you want to track it down. If you did it on Amazon, there are many ways to track the package and here we will show you how.

You don’t have to worry much if you bought Amazon, because your purchases will arrive, but maybe with some delay.

Track package using Amazon Logistics

Amazon has an efficient delivery service, with which it makes deliveries worldwide. One of them is Amazon Logistics, which will make the packages we buy arrive at our house. When the purchase is made and shipped, it will appear in Amazon Logitics as ‘shipped with Amazon’.

The purchase package can be tracked through, by going to the ‘my orders’ page, to track it and find out the details of the purchase. You will have to click on ‘locate’, to see in real time where your package is. If the delivery was confirmed, but you have not received the order, you will have to ask the Amazon page for help.

Recently, Amazon communicated to its users that there could be some delays. “We ask you to grant us 1 or 2 more days,” says the statement from the online store. If you have the tracking number, it will be very easy to track your order, but if you do not have a number or the page of the authorized carrier has not been updated, you will have to visit the ‘tracking information not available’ section.

If your order includes several items, you will have to see the details of your purchase and delivery, as it may include delivery dates, and even separate tracking information. You can also find the tracking number next to the shipping confirmation, in the registered e-mail, with the purchase details.

In addition, Transport by Amazon (TBA) is the internal delivery service that the online store has. Package shipments from the United States, Mexico, or Canada are assigned a TBA tracking number, which means the tracking number must begin with the initials TBA, TBC, or TBM.

Track package with Pkge and Parcel

Parcel - Amazon

There are also other trackers on the Internet, to follow the route of our package purchased on Amazon in detail. One of the most powerful is ( ), which has two ways of tracking orders purchased on Amazon.

First, you can enter the tracking number (TBA) in the browser, select tracking and immediately a message will appear: “To track the shipment, we need the Amazon order number”. We enter the number, which should have arrived with the purchase confirmation email, and press +.

Another option for tracking is to directly enter the order number in the search engine, select ‘track’ and you will find the information you need about your order, and without the need to enter the TBA number.

Amazon Megabonus

You can also track your Amazon package with the portal , which will ask you for the track or tracking number, which is sent by email to the buyer, but not the order number , to determine the status of the order. This number will be placed in the portal search engine and you will obtain the required information.

Do I have to be home to receive the package?

Not necessarily. If the carrier arrives and does not find the recipient of the package, Amazon orders that the package must be delivered to a neighbor, doorman of the building or to your mailbox, provided you have authorized it, of course. The delivery person must leave a notice of attempted delivery and the process you must follow to pick up your package. Not all shipments require a signature or a person to be present.

Amazon has a policy of making three attempts to deliver the package. If on the first day, the dealer could not locate the owner of the purchase, he will return the next day and then the next day, if the owner’s absence persists. After this, Amazon will hold for 72 hours before returning it to the fulfillment center and a refund will be issued to the customer.

Remember that once the status of your order has been verified, it shows delivered, you will have to do the verifications at your home, to find out if it was delivered to a neighbor. It is also possible that Amazon tries to deliver to an incorrect address, which is advised to check until exhaustion at the time of ordering; if this happens, Amazon returns the order.

Finally, if you do not know that you will be at home or you do not have someone to receive your package for you, you can always access the collection points on Amazon, which you will find on the online store portal. When making the purchase, you can select a pick-up point and the options available for each product. When the package arrives, Amazon will notify the customer, via e-mail, the details to pick up their order. Also, you can pick up an order at an Amazon Locker.