How to see Instagram stories without notification

Instagram stories without notification

Learn how to view Instagram stories without notification or Without Them Knowing. View Instagram stories anonymously is one of the most searched features. Instagram stories are the preferred option for users on this social network, but if you want to remain anonymous when viewing them, learn how here.

It is practically impossible to find a user today who uses Instagram and does not make use of one of its most successful features, Instagram Stories. Users of this social network use this function regularly and it has already become a basic tool for instagramers of the moment.

Stories abound on Instagram and it’s impossible not to see them when you open the app. But Instagram added from the beginning the possibility that users can be notified when they see their stories. Whether you like to remain anonymous, you prefer not to know that you are online at any given time, or you do not want a specific person to know that you have visited their stories, you want to know how you can see the stories of other users without being notified about. It is very simple.

There are different ways for you to learn to view InstaStories anonymously, either for users you follow or those you don’t follow; in the latter case, provided that your profile is publicly accessible. Of course, there are users who can configure so that their stories are not seen by some specific people, but with some of the options that you will find here you will be able to see those stories that you want without notification in between.

View Instagram stories through WeInstag

The WeInstag web service ( ) allows anyone to view Instagram Stories without users being notified. Using it is very simple. You must enter the WeInstag website, place the Instagram username you want to spy on anonymously in the search bar, and that’s it.


If you view the stories using this service, the user in question will not know who has viewed their story. You can enter the web through the usual iOS and Android browsers. But, be careful, there is a detail: the profile of the person you want to see their story must be public, otherwise you will not be able to see anything.

Of course, it is not the only portal that allows us to spy on the stories of Instagram users without them knowing that you have seen them.

See Instagram stories with Google extension

The Google browser also allows us to see the stories of Instagram users in hidden mode. It is very simple. You just need to install the Chrome extension: IG Stories for Instagram, which you can access here ( ). Once you install it, you can search there for the user you want to spy on. Do you have a drawback? Unfortunately yes. The extension is limited to only users whose accounts you are a follower of.

How to see instagram stories without them knowing: Using Twitly

It is also possible to view the stories anonymously by downloading the Twitly app. This offers many features to users who decide to use it, but the one that interests us is the one that allows you to see the Instagram Stories of other users without their knowledge. It also let to download photos from the Instagram feed.

Of course, Twitly asks us to log in with our user account, so that we can see the stories anonymously.

See the stories in airplane mode

Finally, if the previous options are not to your liking or for some reason they have not worked for you, you will always have a useful and almost unknown trick to be able to see Instagram stories without notifying the user. It is to use the ‘airplane mode’ function of the mobile device.

Instagram stories without notification

How is it used? You will have to open the Instagram app, in the usual way, and let all the stories of the users you follow load in the top bar of the app. When you have all the information loaded, activate the ‘airplane mode’ of your smartphone to block Internet access. Thus, with a simple trick, you will be able to see the Instagram stories you want anonymously.

But beware, this somewhat archaic option is not infallible. Sometimes, it may appear that you have seen a user’s story. If you finally decide not to use these options that we offer you, you can always create another user account, what we would call plan B, to spy on InstaStories to your liking.