How to See a Tinder Profile Again

How to See a Tinder Profile Again

If you regret rejecting someone on Tinder, find out how to See a Tinder Profile Again. There is always a solution to reverse your decision. Find out how.

The operation of Tinder , the dating app to meet close people with whom there may be a mutual interest, is very simple, and that has allowed it to gain enormous popularity among users.

But it is also possible to make a mistake because of the simplicity with which the app is handled, such as giving you a very quick way to go to a profile and discarding or rejecting someone on Tinder that you did not want. But there are solutions to reverse those wrong decisions and here you can remedy them.

Set range and distance

Tinder is an app that bases the preferences or personal tastes of its users on distance and age range. We can configure this in ‘discovery settings’ and under the parameters that we indicate to the app, it will randomly show us the profiles that meet the standard that we have indicated, so that we can see the profiles that most interesting, giving them a like, rejecting them or discarding them outright.

Tinder Options

However, it is not possible to define in Tinder to see a user in a specific way. It is, for now, unlikely. But they have entered here to learn how to see a profile on Tinder again, especially the one that interested us and that we cannot locate now. For this to happen, we must use the tools provided by the app.

That is, we must return to the ‘discovery settings’, to define again the age range, whose minimum is 4 years, and the radius of distance in which the user that we want to see again on Tinder was, and why not, give it a match. The minimum distance range is one kilometer, so we must leave a greater range to find that user.

If we have an idea of ​​the age range and distance from the profile we want to find, the chances of seeing this user again multiply, and if this is attempted from a medium or small city, even more. As long as the distance is minimal, it will be easier to find that profile that made us interesting, but we lost it due to the speed with which we live on social networks.

To increase the margin of success of this process, you must use the application very regularly, since by interacting with it the profiles will begin to repeat themselves, and now, more calmly, you will be able to find that user that you had discarded. This can take an indeterminate amount of time, so it will be important to be patient.

Knowing the greatest detail of the person we are looking for, in terms of age and distance, will be key to a successful search. If we are in a very large city and quickly we could not determine the age range of the person, the search will be more complex. But it’s a free way to see a Tinder Profile Again.

Revisit a Tinder profile when starting from scratch

It is a more radical option, but it can be useful if the interest in finding that profile is high. This solution will allow the user to find that person that he missed by mistake. If with the current profile you have been able to interact with other users, you can continue the communication in another medium, then cancel your Tinder profile and start from scratch.

Starting again in Tinder gives you the option to improve your profile in the app, with a better description of yourself and a more impressive photograph, and thus get the desired match, even find, due to the randomness of the app, that person that you discarded by mistake or mistake.

See a Tinder Profile Again: Premium options


Tinder has two payment options, Gold and Plus, and in these you can find the ‘rewind’ option, which allows premium users to go back to undo their last interaction, be it a like or dislike. If you slipped someone you wanted to meet by mistake, that person will no longer be lost to you, because with the ‘rewind’ function you can recover the profile by pressing the yellow arrow-shaped icon on the main screen.

Only Tinder premium users will be able to undo a swipe and undo the last action.

Download tinder

The app is Tinder is available for the iOS and Android operating systems, and also for the desktop, and it is free. Although there are its Premium versions, the app offers important content in its basic version, unless you are looking to get many matches.

Tinder is found in the App Store or Play Store. If you prefer to use it online from the desktop, you will have to enter . When you have it on your smartphone, you can click on the Tinder icon and start your session with your Facebook account, phone number or with Apple. You can also check other alternatives to Tinder .