How to screen record in Windows 11 (or Windows 10)

screen record in Windows 11

Do you want to screen record in Windows 11? It is very simple. Learn here how and without installing any additional programs. These days, virtually all computers come with microphones and webcams, but they don’t always have software that effectively and easily records your PC screen.

However, if you have Windows 10 it may be much easier for you. Windows 11 is an operating system that not only serves as a platform on which to install programs and applications with which to carry out your tasks, but also includes some hidden tools that you will find very useful. Recording the screen of your PC without the need to install any additional program is one of them.

Before the arrival of Windows 11, it was necessary to install an additional program to record everything that happened on your PC screen on video, but since its release, a useful PC screen recording function has been included.

The screen recording feature in Windows 11 was originally built in to make it quick and easy for players to record and share their gameplay, but its usefulness quickly spread to other areas.

Therefore, to run this tool we will use the game bar that this operating system comes pre-installed with. It’s a game bar, but you can perfectly use it for another purpose, in this case to record your PC’s screen on video.

For example, we can record a tutorial that we are watching or even make our own recording and explain how a task can be carried out with some type of program. It is a very easy and intuitive process.

Record Screen: Activate Game Bar

Since the appearance of the Spring Creators Update, the function of recording the computer screen has been moved to the new section dedicated to games in the Settings panel, and no longer in the Xbox app, integrated by default in all versions of Windows 11.

Windows 11 game Bar

Use the combination of Windows and G keys (Windows + G), press them at the same time and the game bar will appear. If this shortcut doesn’t turn it on, you may have turned it off.

To reactivate it, you just have to access the games section of the Settings panel and, in the game bar section, activate the switch at the top of this section so that the bar is displayed when activating the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

In addition, you will be able to configure the operation of the recording bar, from the Game DVR section, as well as the quality of the video that will be recorded and the place where the recording you make will be saved. A easy way to screen record in Windows.

In the game bar that appears, you can take a screenshot by directly clicking on the camera icon. You can also use the following key combination: Windows + Alt + Print Screen.

In addition, record that, with the icon of a central black dot, allows you to record the screen for the time that you have determined in the settings. To activate it you can also use the key combination: Windows + Alt + G.

Start recording on Windows 11!

Now, our goal is to get a video file of your screen recording, so we are going to use the direct recording features. To do this, click on the record button identified with a central dot or press the Windows key combination + Alt + R.

Windows 11 Screen Record

This will start recording, so you can start to open programs or make the presentation you want to record. In addition, you can activate the microphone during a recording, it can be useful, for example, if you are making a video tutorial and you want to indicate the steps out loud. Activate it with the commands: Windows + Alt + M.

While the recording is in progress, you will see a floating window that will indicate the duration, and the option to activate or deactivate the microphone.

Once you have finished the presentation, you must click on the stop recording button on the aforementioned bar and the recording will stop to save the generated video file.

A notification will tell you that the file was successfully saved to the location you have set as default in the Game DVR section of the Settings panel.

Other options to screen record in Windows 11

In addition to what has been seen so far, you will also find other functions in the game bar, more oriented towards streaming video game matches, for example, using the Mixer platform (

But if what we want is to make simple screen recordings without installing any other additional program and with very simple configuration, this is an excellent Windows 10 tool.