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How to Play Android Games on Windows

Find out how to play Android games on Windows 10 or other versions of Windows. Android game apps that you enjoy on your smartphone can be addictive and you would like to play them on Windows desktop. However, not all games have a version for the operating system. Now it is very easy to solve, because there are tools that will allow us to use our desktop with Android apps.

The only thing we have to do is choose the right Android emulator, to be able to play those games that we enjoy a lot on our smartphone, but now on our desktop. Here we will present you some options.

The BlueStacks interface


BlueStacks is the oldest Android emulator on the web. If you need an emulator right now, this is possibly your best alternative, as it stands out for its excellent performance and ease of use. You will have to install the tool on your Windows desktop, something that will not be difficult for you. You will find its most recent version on its web site.

Once you have it installed on your desktop you will have a desktop like an Android smartphone. BlueStacks tries to simplify the Android experience on a desktop. We will find the Play Store, enter and proceed to install the desired game. Before, of course, you must complete the usual registration with your Google account.

In addition, BlueStacks allows the user to have several tabs open, so it is possible to enjoy Android apps open at the same time. It also offers full keyboard and mouse mapping for use in games. With a comfortable interface, adapted to the desktop, this emulator will allow gamers to have the best experience.

The speed of MEmu


Another emulator that will allow the user to use their desktop as if it were their Android smartphone is MEmu . It is an option that offers good performance and is fast and light for the user. Its operation is simple once you install it on the desktop with Windows. In its interface is the Play Store, a registration is necessary and then it is possible to download the apps on the desktop.

MEmu also allows you to configure the handling of the controls to the user’s taste, but there will be no problem using the mouse and the desktop keyboard. This tool also offers as a function the possibility of disguising your geolocation to have access to those games that are not available in our region. For example, it can be useful if what you want is to play the popular Pokemon Go without leaving your home or some other Android Games on Windows.

The gamer option: KO Player


KO Player is an Android emulator that focuses on gaming, offering its users multiple keyboard and mouse mappings, hardware acceleration, and OpenGL graphics engine. It allows gamers to record their games to share them later on social networks.

It has a good interface and is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Of course, it not only allows you to install games but also conventional apps.

Android Games on Windows with Genymotion

An emulator that will facilitate our Android experience if our desktop is not the fastest is Genymotion , whose particularity is that in addition to offering the usual desktop installation option, it allows the user to run the tool in the cloud, so it consumes less desktop resources. Of course, the orientation of the emulator offers more advantages to developers, so an average user will have to work hard to understand how it works.

Genymotion offers more than 3 thousand configurations of virtual devices, so if your smartphone is not the latest generation, here you will have an opportunity. It has free features, but the best options come in its paid version.

Additionally, it is important to know that to play Android games in Windows 11, the new version to come, the system will be able to run them natively.

Option for MacOS

It is also possible that you do not have a desktop with Windows, but also a MacOS, so the previous emulators will not work for you. For these users there is the Scrcpy tool.

This open source app can be used both on a Windows desktop and on MacOS. This tool allows the user to control their smartphone from their desktop, so you can use Android apps on the desktop without having to install them. It is easy to use and has good performance. For Scrcpy to work, the ADB connection is necessary, so on the desktop you will have to install the Github program and install the ADB drivers on Android.

In our smartphone we must activate the USB debugging mode. Doing so is very simple and pay attention: go to Settings on your Android smartphone, go to System, About phone section and look for the Build number; Once here, we must press seven times, quickly and consecutively, so that when we return to the System section, the Developer Settings option should appear. The ADB debugging mode will appear here and we must activate the option.

Have you activated it yet? You can type the ‘adb devices’ command to check that ADB devices are enabled. The first time you perform this procedure, you will be asked for permission.

With this app you will be able to control your smartphone from the desktop and use your favorite apps on a larger and more comfortable screen, and without having to install it.

Finally, we can run Android applications and games natively from Windows 11 , easily if we live in the United States.

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