How to find an email on Facebook

How to find an email on Facebook

Learn how to find an email on Facebook. FB is a social network that allows its users to hide their email, but there are effective ways to know it and here you will learn how.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, if not the most, with a huge number of users all over the planet. This social network par excellence has been with us for many years. It started as a platform where we could upload images, but today it is much more than that and is part of our daily lives. We can find out what’s new, stay in touch with friends and family, join different user groups of interest, block and report unwanted friends.

It also allows interaction between its users, but not all of them grant permission to the social network to display all their information. When it comes to knowing another person’s e-mail, the job is not easy. But are there possibilities to know the hidden mail of another user? Yes, although the simplest thing would be if the person in question leaves their account open and in this way you could access the information.

The first method you should try is to access the profile of the user in question and consult their personal information. It will be much easier if you are friends with this user. If the person you are looking for decided to configure their information to be public -or they forgot to configure their privacy-, you will find their e-mail without problem. However, if the user has configured their account to have the maximum possible privacy on Facebook, you will have to resort to other legal strategies.

Of course, there are ways to know the e-mail of the user we want to contact and here we list some of them.

Find email on Facebook through Yahoo!

You can find out the e-mail of some of your contacts on Facebook with a Yahoo! First, you’ll need to create one for yourself, if you don’t have one, and then log in to your account. In the upper left part of the inbox you will have to activate the Contacts option, in the menu.


There you can import your contacts to Yahoo! from the different accounts you have. You must press Import Contacts, select Facebook in the pop-up menu and import in a tab that will appear on the right. When you finish importing contacts you will receive a message detailing the number of contacts that were imported.

In this way, you will be able to observe the list of e-mail and imported Facebook accounts. However, it is also possible that the e-mail of one of your contacts does not appear. It is also possible that due to the latest security updates this option does not work for you. If you have not been able to find the e-mail you are looking for, continue reading.

Via Email Exchanger

If you still want to know that email from a Facebook user who has disabled the option to share their personal information, we have a chance to find that hidden email if we use Email Permutator .


What do I need to use Email Permutator? The tool, a Gmail account and, of course, a Facebook account. This tool will use a huge variety of combinations between the first name, last name and the Gmail account used by the user, to see if it matches any that are true.

As you could already deduce, the process will not work if the user whose e-mail you want to find out does not use their first and last name in their Facebook account or if they are not linked to their Gmail account; however, it may be useful to you as long as these premises are not met.

Pay attention to the instructions. Login to Email Permutator, go to File and then Make a copy. Make sure you’re signed in to your Chrome account with your Gmail account. Make a copy of Email Permutator. The tool will notify you that a copy will be created in a shared folder, accept it and wait for the process to finish completely.

The Email Permutator that is in Google Docs is not editable, but once you have your own copy, you can edit it. In the First Name field you will have to enter the user’s name and in Last Name the last name. Important: If you know both last names and this person uses them in their account, enter the first in Middle Name and the second in Last Name. Later, you will have to enter the domain in the Domain field, that is,

You will notice that in the Step 2 section, multiple possible e-mail combinations are automatically generated with the data you provided. You will have to select and copy them. Now, log in to your Gmail account, hit Compose, and paste all the email addresses you copied into the recipient field. Finally, you will only have to click one by one to check the validity of the email, and if it is valid, a photo of the user will appear so that you can recognize them.

In these two ways we can find an email on Facebook of the user we choose.