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How to download Youtube videos in HD and 4K

There are many ways to download YouTube videos in the highest possible quality without having to subscribe to the world’s largest video platform. Here you will learn how.

YouTube is the most popular and important video platform on the planet. Millions of people offer their content through this platform. There are videos of all kinds, with greater or lesser quality.

On some occasions, users have been tempted to download their favorite band’s video clip, an exercise routine or a complete movie, download it to their desktop and enjoy it on their TV in the best possible quality. YouTube does not allow its users to download its content, an option that does exist with YouTube Premium.

But there are ways to download YouTube in HD and 4K, and here we explain each of these options step by step.



Jdownloader is, maybe, the best downloader software available and free. This is a powerhorse, it can manage all your downloads from many websites and of course, you can download Youtube videos in all the resolutions available.

We just have to go to the JDownloader website, download the app and install it. It is like any other software. Once we have it, we can just copy the youtube link and paste it in the app. It will detect the link and the magic begins. We can choose if we want the video only, or the audio, etc. It may ask for additional codecs downloads.

Via Gihosoft TubeGet

Gihosoft TubeGet is an easy-to-use software for downloading videos hosted on the YouTube platform, although it is also possible to download videos from other websites. The best thing about this tool is that it supports downloading both HD and UHD videos, with resolutions of 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and even 8K. Everything will depend on the quality offered by the video in question on YouTube.


Gihosoft TubeGet has both Windows and Mac versions, making it an option that will appeal to users of both operating systems. How to use? Install it on your desktop, open the app and copy the URL of the video you want to download and copy the link to Gihosoft TubeGet. The tool will let you choose the output format, resolution, and where it will be saved. When everything is ready you just have to press Download and the download will begin.

The ODownloader option

Another interesting option for downloading videos in maximum quality from YouTube is ODownloader. With just one click this video downloader will allow the user to save your favorite video on your desktop.

The operation is very simple. You will need to get the URL of the Youtube video you want to download. You can copy it from the address bar on the desktop or by executing the Share option on your smartphone, so that the Copy link option appears. Once we get the address, we enter the ODownloader website and paste the address into the bar.

The tool will send us to another window, where we will find several quality options. In addition, ODownloader also allows the user to choose if he wants only the audio. Once we decide, we press Download Now , we select the destination folder and we wait for the download to be complete.

Download Youtube videos with Video Downloader


As we mentioned earlier, there are various tools that allow us to download YouTube videos. One of these alternatives, which are effective and simple, is Video Downloader. It is surely one of the most popular when it comes to downloading YouTube videos.

Using it is very simple, because VideoDownloader has a particularity that could make you opt for this tool over others. First, you will need to locate the HD or 4K video you want to have among your files. Copy the URL of the video that is on Youtube.

Open the Video Downloader app and paste the URL in the toolbar. The 4K video will immediately appear in the download list. You can also drag the URL from Youtube to the download app.

When the 4K video appears, click the Start All button, first making sure that the maximum download quality is selected. The download will start and this tool allows you to add more videos while the 4K video download is in progress. Before this last step you can select the destination folder and place it by default in the Preferences sector.

Here comes the particularity that we talked about at the beginning. Video Downloader allows the user to limit the download speed. Remember that 4K videos are large and require a fast broadband connection, but if you don’t want it to consume most of your bandwidth, you can limit it with the snail icon on the status bar.

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