How to download your Twitter Archive (backup your tweets)

How to download your Twitter Archive

If you want to make a backup or copy of your Twitter archive or account or all the tweets you made on that social network, learn how in a few simple steps.

The microblogging network is one of the most used in the world. Millions of users publish tweets every second, content as diverse as it is important to its authors. Now, at some point some users have reported having lost some of their oldest tweets, with content they considered valuable. If you don’t want that to happen to you, you can make a backup of all the information contained in your Twitter account. It is simple, but you will have to arm yourself with patience.

When we say all the information we do not exaggerate. You can have your photos, videos, list of followers, accounts you follow, private messages, among others. What will you need for this? In principle, access the Twitter website to immerse yourself in its options, to find your file. A process similar to if we want to download our Instagram account .

Copy of my Twitter account from our profile

The first thing we will do is access our Twitter account profile and then we will go to the Settings section, here we will look for Settings and Privacy, where you will find an extensive list of options. Scrolling down you will find one with the name ‘your Twitter data’. It is what we are looking for. What do you need? Simply request that the ‘Little Bird’ send you your entire file. Before doing so, you will be asked to verify access to the email that is linked to your account, since the copy will be sent to you there.

Download Twitter Archive

Depending on how extensive your file is, it will be the time it takes Twitter to send you all the information you request. If you are one of those who is in the microblogging network long before it became fashionable, then you will have to wait a few hours until the request arrives in your e-mail.

We will have to pay attention to our e-mail entry flag until we see the Twitter delivery arrive. The social network will warn you that you will have 30 days to download all the data it sends you, before it expires. Clicking on download on our desktop will download a .Zip file with the requested information.

This file will show us all the information we have in our account, the multimedia content we upload, the tweets we have written, among other things. Information that we may have forgotten and that is important to keep safe.

In the information that Twitter will send us by e-mail we will find: account creation and suspension, account time zone, account, ad engagements, ad impressions, blocked contacts, linked apps, direct messages (DM), multimedia content from DMs, followers and following, favorites, searches performed, tweets, user lists and information related to Periscope.

You will find multimedia content in JPEG and MP4 formats, while those related to information will be in .js (javasript). It is very easy to understand the information that Twitter provides to the user. This is how we easily download our Twitter account.

Save lists from Google Chrome

However, it is possible that you do not want to make a backup of all your information, but only some of the lists that your Twitter account has. It is very simple. To do this, you will have to install the Twlets extension in your Google Chrome browser.

How to download your Twitter Archive

When you have it in the browser, all you have to do is click on the icon next to the address bar, which will take you to the Twlets page, where you will be asked to log in with your Twitter account. Once here, with the right click we can access the options to configure the lists that we want to export: Excel, CSV or HTML.

Once we have the list that we want to export from Twitter (it can be followers, profiles that you follow, responses, etc.) we will click on the extension icon again and a window will open that will allow us to save the list in the chosen format. . The only limitation that Twlets has is that if we want to make more exports than allowed per day, it will ask us for an additional payment.

Backup via Tweedeck

The previous extension is free, but if you have any mistrust of it, you can always perform the same action from Twitter’s own official tool: Tweedeck . If you have used Tweedeck, you will know that it allows you to have your lists in columns, making it much easier to see the profiles we follow. And also download our Twitter account.

Therefore, to export one of the lists we have we will have to add columns if we do not use Tweedeck. Adding columns is easy, because you only have to click on the + icon, choose what we want to associate with that column and we will have our list. The process to export all the lists we want is the same.

When you have everything ready you should go to Settings, which is at the top right of each column, click on Edit and then on Export list. Then, a window will appear with a list of the names of the profiles on that list, we click on the Copy list option and we can file it in a document as a backup.