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How to download Instagram stories

Learn how to download Instagram Stories. InstaStories is the most used functionality on Instagram, but the social network does not allow followers to download the stories of their favorite users. Here learn how.

Do you want to download your favorite stories and don’t know how to do it? You are in the right place. The Instagram Stories is surely the most used functionality in this social network. They have a duration of only 24 hours, a whole day, and for some this is a blessing, while for others it can cause a real annoyance, since they would like to see their favorite stories for longer than available. That does not happen with the normal photos on Instagram.

But do not worry. It is possible to save those stories that you liked the first time and that you do not want to disappear after a few hours. Once downloaded, you can watch them over and over again, you can also send them to your friends and upload them to your favorite social network.

There are different methods to download Instagram stories and here you will find the ones that cannot fail you, and also options without having to install an additional application on your smartphone, which could ask you for permissions to access your personal information, and even your account. of Instagram, which jeopardizes your privacy.

Download Stories via StoriesIG


This platform is very easy to use. In order to access those stories that we want to download, we will enter the StoriesIG portal ( ), we locate the search bar, we put the user from whom we want to download the story.

The process is very simple. Once we enter the user’s profile, StoriesIG will show us the public videos of the user in question and we can download them both on our Desktop and on our Smartphone.


This is an Instagram story downloader, download Instagram story (download story photo, download video story with mp4 format) quickly. Save Instagram stories to your device in a few easy steps. Instagram story downloader developed by SaveInsta allows downloading any Instagram story without account login. Just paste the instagram story link into website input box and you can download Instagram stories for free.

There are some other websites like,, and more.

Download Stories Analyzing the web

Another method to download Instagram stories, perhaps a bit cumbersome, but effective, is to analyze the Instagram website, to download the story of our choice. Although this option works only for images and not for videos, since they are not saved in this folder, it will be very useful. You have to pay attention so that everything is very simple for you.


First, we need to enter the Google Chrome browser and enter the Instagram website there, logging in with your account, then go to the profile of the user whose story we want to download. When you are in the desired story, you will have to right click on the free space of the browser in which we do not see the story, a pop-up menu will appear there and click the inspect option. Only by right-clicking outside the story will this menu appear.

A menu will open on the right side of the screen, with many items. We look for the sources option, which is at the top, and we will see that several folders will appear in the left column at the bottom of the menu. Click twice on the folder named scontent, which is where the InstaStories are stored, and it will show us more folders.

The folders in question have random names, made up of letters and numbers, belonging to a single image. You will have to click on each file, while previewing the image in the column that we have on the right. We will have to navigate from file to file until we find our favorite storie.

The last step is the easiest. We will right click on the file, press the option open in new tab that will appear in the pop-up menu, and the image will open in a new tab. You can drag the image to your desktop and right click on the image again and choose the ‘Save image as’ option.

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