How to download a TikTok video

download a TikTok video

Find out how to download a TikTok video. This social network continues to gain popularity among users and every day thousands of videos are added to the content of this app, which offers a wide repertoire of filters that unleashes creativity, generating multiple interactions.

Whether it’s because you have an account and are an active Tiktok user or you just have fun browsing the app watching the most interesting micro videos, at some point you’ve felt the need to download a hilarious tiktok to share it with your friends. There are thousands of videos of the popular app that have gone viral on social networks.

Here we offer you some ways to download those TikTok that have the potential to go viral or simply because you like it and want to send it to a friend who does not use the app.

Download a TikTok video directly from the app

The first option that we teach you is to download videos directly from the app. You did not know? You can, of course, and it’s very simple. The only downside to this little trick is that it requires you to be an active Tiktok user, that is, to have uploaded at least one video to the app from your account.

download a TikTok video

Find the video you want to download in the app itself and press the ‘share’ button, which is located on the right side of the video, below the comments. When you do this, a pop-up window will open at the bottom of the interface, in which the app presents various options for sharing the video; Look for the ‘save video’ option and the download will start on your smartphone. A easy way to download a Tiktok video.

The download is automatic and when it is finished it will inform you of the phone folder where the Tiktok of your choice was downloaded. If you have trouble finding the folder where the app saved the downloaded video, you can use a simple app to browse the files on your smartphone, which you’ll find in the official store of your operating system. Also, you will have no problem playing the video because it will be downloaded in a format that is compatible with your phone.

Download a video By email

If you can’t find the ‘save video’ button among the app options, you can always use the email trick. We will repeat the first steps of the previous method. When we press the ‘share’ option, as we say, the app will give you various options in a pop-up window, here you can choose the email option.

By default, the e-mail client of your choice will be loaded, creating an email in which the video will be attached, in MP4 format, and which you can send to yourself or to any other person.

Download a video using Instagram

As you read it. We can also use Instagram to download a Tiktok video. The first thing will be to go to the video in question, click on the ‘share’ option and then click on the Instagram icon. In this way, a publication window will open in this last app, and where you can decide if you want to share it in your feed or in InstaStories; we are interested in this last option, so we chose it.

The Stories interface, on Instagram, will open automatically. Therefore, you only have to click on the icon to download your content, in the center at the bottom of the screen, and that’s it, we can download a Tiktok video.

Is there a drawback with these three methods? Yes. When downloading, the video will arrive with a watermark. It could be a bit annoying to see the user who authored the content and the social network it came from. If this is not a problem for you, download the videos you want from Tiktok now, but if you want an alternative solution, we recommend that you continue reading.

Download video without watermark

It is possible to download the funniest Tiktok videos without the watermark, which some people might find annoying. It is very simple and you will not need an external app. What do we need? A web site and a link.

This time we are going to use the web helper , where you can easily download the best Tiktok videos. This will work for you on a desktop, so you will have to enter the official Tiktok website in the browser. You can add SaveFrom Helper as an extension or simply use its search tool.

In the first case, you will have to get the link of the Tiktok video that you want to download and the tool will guide you on the formats available for download.

If you add the SaveFrom Helper extension to your browser, when you are viewing TikTok videos the mouse cursor will ask if you want to save a video. You just have to click download and that’s it. This extension, by the way, works on desktop browsers on Windwos, MacOs, Linux and Ubuntu.