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How to create a temporary email address

Learn how to create a temporary email address to be able to use it in registration of websites where we do not want to use our main email.

It is likely that on numerous occasions we find a web site that requires us to register to access its content. It is not recommended to disclose your personal email on any web site, so for these cases there is the possibility of creating a temporary account, which allows us to receive those unwanted emails and, after a while, self-destruct.

It is annoying to enter a platform or digital store where you only need to provide a valid email to receive the verification message, with a link to validate our entry. Nowadays, the Internet is full of sites of this type, so we cannot fill our e-mail, be it work or daily, with those messages that do nothing but fill our inbox. If, in addition, we will only interact with the platform on a single occasion, such as to search for a download link or a specific service, it generates some fear to offer our personal e-mail.

It is very easy to avoid this annoying step with a seasonal or disposable email, as it is often called on the Internet. Creating a temporary e-mail for us is simple and here we offer you various options that you can use for this.

Temporary account: A 10-minute email

Just as you read it, the 10 Minute Mail option allows us to have a valid e-mail for 10 minutes, enough to enter a web site that requires us to register before giving us a download link, for example. The service guarantees the security and privacy of the address. It is also possible to renew the duration of the e-mail every 10 minutes, until finally we no longer need your service.

Temporary email with Maildrop


Another tool that we can use to have a seasonal email is , which is a service that offers a disposable email to receive a maximum of 10 messages in the inbox. You will not need to take any action to deactivate temporary mail, because if the address stops being used for a space of 24 hours it will be deleted. This e-mail will allow you to register to a platform without having to give your personal email.

Temporary email with the Mailsac option

Mailsac is another tool that will allow us to browse the Internet without having to provide our seasonal email. Its use is simple and once you enter its platform it will be quick for you to create a temporary email and get a seasonal email. Mailsac also allows you to save received and sent emails. The tool will delete the address you get if you don’t use it for seven days.

Temporary email with TempMail

Temporary email with TempMail

Another simple tool is TempMail , whose attraction is that it happens to be the most advanced disposable e-mail service, which will help the user to stay smpa-free. TempMail provides you with a temporary email instantly, just by entering its platform, and thanks to this you will be able to enter forums, web sites or blogs that request their visitors to register.

Limit messages in Gmail

Either because you distrust its use or because you want to avoid the hassle of create a temporary email every time you go to a platform that requires you to register, it is possible that through your Gmail account you can escape spam.

Temporary email with Gmail

What do we need? Very easy. If your Gmail username is, for example, and you give this address to platforms, blogs, forums or stores that exist on the web, you risk receiving spam for many months. It is precisely for this purpose that temporary accounts exist, which you can have active for 7 or 30 days, as long as it is necessary to carry out the action that requires our participation in a portal, and then it is automatically destroyed.

But, we repeat, with a simple Gmail trick you can avoid receiving spam for longer in your personal email. We will only have to give our email as follows: In this way, we will only receive messages that we do not need -spam, for example- until December 25, 2020.

The format, in case you missed it, is as follows: count+mmddyyyy (month, day, and year). Although it is also possible to omit the year, so by default the emails will arrive until the date of the nearest year.

There is still one step left to make it work. You will need to sign in with your Gmail account here , to make a copy of Google Script to your account. Once you are in Google Script, you will have to replace, in line 13 of the list, the e-mail that exists with the address where we want you to send temporary emails. Then you will go to the Run menu, choose Run Function and select Initialize. You will have to authorize the Google script and voila, you will have a perfectly functioning disposable email system.

The script will check the Gmail inbox every five minutes, approximately, and will process the messages according to the expiration date that we have chosen. It will suffice to configure it once and that’s it.

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