How to Check Your PC System Specs Detailed

How to Check Your PC System Specs Detailed

If you want to find all the detailed information of your PC, Check Your PC System Specs, know the characteristics or know the components at the hardware level, there are many small and free applications with such functionality. Of all the existing ones, today we will see some of them that do a very good and detailed job when it comes to locating each component of our computer, showing us all the hardware that we have in our computer, as well as the software and its versions that we have. .

Very useful to know if those games that we want will run on our PC, or simply to know what we are using, what we have just bought or if we want to have a detailed hardware diagnosis.

SIW – System Information for Windows

This application can be run from a USB stick or use the installer which is free and for personal use. There are also versions for “Business Edition” that allow the creation of reports in different formats (HTML, JSON, CSV, TEXT, XML, or ODBC). SIW performs a deep analysis of your system, be it hardware, software, OS, etc. and shows it in its clear and simple interface, but very powerful.


Within the software category we can see Operating System, License, Product Keys, Recover Password, Installed Programs, regional settings, file associations, running processes, audio and video codecs, among many others.

In the hardware part, it shows us information about the Motherboard, BIOS, CPU, RAM memories, sensors, connected devices, the Chipset set, PCI/AGP ports, USB, network adapters, video cards, sound, hard drives, batteries , etc.

Link: Download SIW


CPU-Z is an amazing tool for how lightweight and detailed it is. CPU-Z is a free software that collects information about some of the main characteristics of our system, among which we can see the name and number of the processor, code name, process, packages, motherboard and its chipset. We can also access information on the type of memory, size, times, etc.


Display detailed information and real-time measurement of the internal frequency of each core, memory frequency. It is free to download and can be run on any Windows system.

Link: Download CPU-Z

Sysinternals Suite

Finally, we have the most complete and detailed utility in terms of information on all the features of your system. This suite is a collection of over 60 individual tools and help files for all aspects of your system.


One of the most important tools that this suite brings is Autoruns, a great utility to view every startup item like applications, browser plugins, drivers, services and many more. This is a product developed by Microsoft intended more than anything to solve system errors at the software and hardware level.

Link: Descargar Sysinternals Suite


Like CPU-Z, this is a very light tool that helps us see each component of the system on a single screen, with the main feature that it shows us the temperature of each component. This is very useful for when we make changes to the system and want to see whether or not we have affected the temperature of our equipment as well as other detailed information about your pc.


Whether it is to evaluate if we need a better cooling system, see the use of our CPU, if our video card heats up a lot or more, HWMonitor is the best tool for this purpose.

Link: Descargar HWMONITOR