How to check your Internet speed at Home

Internet Speed

How to check your internet speed is one of the most common practices in home. Either when contracting a new internet plan and seeing if they actually give us the speed for which we paid, or simply when we feel that the network is slow and we want a service that allows us to validate or set the speed in specific numbers.

We currently have many services that help us in this task, each service has different precision and characteristics, as well as different usage options. Here we will see some of them, it is necessary to understand that our speed is measured in download speed (when downloading files, pages, etc.) and upload speed (when we “upload” files to the Internet).

Another important consideration is the load on our network when running the tests (if we are downloading something), any operator problem, the geographical area where we connect, etc.

Why should we measure internet speed?

Well there are many reasons why this speed measurement test is important. The most common reasons why they are used are:

  • We need to be sure that you are getting exactly what you paid for from your ISP (internet provider) and that you are not being limited in any way.
  • To determine if we need an upgrade or upgrade to our internet speed. The average speed of the Internet in the world varies according to different regions and it may be that we are below the average in our country.
  • To see if the internet receivers at home work. Perhaps it is a problem of a specific device and not of the entire line, so we can evaluate the speed of the Internet in more than one device and make comparisons.
  • It is also useful to have additional data, such as the ping rate for example if we usually play a lot online.
  • See what equipment in our house can not support maximum speeds. This happens a lot with Wi-Fi equipment that has old chips, or even our router itself may be limiting them.

Naturally, there are other reasons to take a speed test, and you may have more than one in mind. It is always important to take into account all the data that these tests show. The following web applications give accurate data ready to use at our best convenience.

Best sites to measure the speed of our connection

The simplest system to measure our speed. There are no options, we just open the page and a number will indicate the speed at which we download. The whole process is done automatically at the time we open the page. The system detects where we connect from and establishes the closest connection. We can change this in a menu at the top. is a Netflix application , it is used to measure internet speed and rule out some connection problems without complicating our lives.

One of the best known services in the world. Speedtest will show us a tachometer with our speed, but also our IP, connection operator and the server to which it connects. These details are useful when making a diagnosis about the internet speed we have.

Internet Speed

We can choose between multiple connections at the same time or just one, change the server and it also has applications for different devices, be they mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

We can also share our results in a simple way, since it gives us a “result ID”, which is nothing more than an identifier of the test that we have just carried out that contains all the data necessary to carry out a diagnosis.

This is a very easy to use service, like the previous two, it does not require us to use any special configuration. It uses the same tach graph but allows us to choose the test server from the start.

It has a fairly extensive list of locations around the world from where we can choose which server we want to use. We can also see it in the form of a Map. It gives us the speed of download, upload and ping. As well as the IP and provider.

Simple and easy to use, the Xfinity speed test isn’t exactly flashy, but that’s just what some people are looking for—fast, accurate data. This service provides standard information, is reliable, and has a nice, albeit somewhat cluttered appearance that may not be the best on some devices.

Test Internet Speed

The main difference from Xfinity is that it provides contextual information about Internet speeds, which makes it a useful tool for those who don’t know what all the numbers that other services throw out mean. For example, the speed test will provide some bullet points about what you can do with your current download speed and some tips to make sure the test runs as accurately as possible.

This makes it one of the easiest tests to use for those who don’t use technology too often. It is not necessary to be a subscriber of any kind to their services.

Speedsmart is very easy to use, the web service is based on HTML5 and is accessible from a wide variety of devices. It’s a measurement site with accurate readings and quality results, including ping results for those who need them.

If you need to access past test records and none of the other options seem acceptable to you, then the Speedsmart is a great choice, no matter what device you’re using. You have the option to create an account to keep track of everything and to be able to compare our data over time.

It has additional information on the test page and although it does not have so many options, it is a good option for people who are looking for reliable data and a fairly well done interface, as well as simple.

If you’re looking for a good measure of your connection consistency, is a great option. Unlike previous services,’s graphical interface shows the consistency of your connection throughout the test, which is important to see any jumps or problems.

check your Internet speed

However, having more data may mean that the data is a bit more difficult to interpret. You may need to spend a little more time analyzing the results, which is not ideal if you need to run a test right away or in a hurry.

The test is also different between Android or iPhone and desktop mobile devices. The mobile version is a bit more accessible and for that reason, can be a great option for mobile users of all kinds.

Google Fiber Internet Speed Test

Google Fibre Speed Test

Another great tool from Google. Even if it was launched to test the Google Fiber service, anyone can use it. It is very accurated and has a nice FAQ with common question about the internet speed and how it works.

Before performing the internet speed test

To ensure an accurate reading and to help you more easily determine the cause of a problem it is recommended that you consider the following tips before running any type of test:

  • Run a speed test (ideally the same one) from multiple devices in the same general location. This will help determine if a problem is device specific or network-wide.
  • Test under normal working conditions and ideal conditions. If there are some devices that will always use a little bit of bandwidth, don’t turn them off for your first test, but turn them off for subsequent ones. This can determine if you need more bandwidth for peak load times.
  • Double check ahead of time what your download and upload speeds should be. Make sure there are no misunderstandings about the contracted internet plan.
  • Do several tests throughout the day. Depending on your type of Internet service, there will be times when your Internet service is not as fast due to usage elsewhere in your neighborhood.

What to do with speed test information

Now that we have the data it is time for decisions. If you have tested your connection several times and even with a few different tests, and things are not as you would like, you should not hesitate to take one of the
following actions:

  • If you find that your ISP isn’t working as promised and the speeds shown by the speed tests are far from what you’ve been told, give them a call and see if they can explain the problem. Remember that most ISPs have a time frame in which services can be congested, but any significant problem should be reported.
  • You may want to upgrade your plan or change providers. This can be expensive, so be sure to do your research beforehand. If after talking with your ISP you communicate your intention to change operators, it is possible that you will obtain a better contract for internet services.
  • You may want to change the Internet settings in your home, mainly with regard to the equipment you use as a router and its placement. A wired connection is always better than a wireless one, and it’s a good idea to keep your router away from devices or places that might cause interference.