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The Best Online Scientific Calculators

Looking for the top Online Scientific Calculators? This is one of the classic searches. A scientific calculator is a widely used tool among students and professionals. Until a few years ago it was very common to see Casio scientific calculators in classrooms. These tools have been a bit displaced now with the Apps for smartphones.

Well, here we have three options to find a complete and functional casio model calculator. Three websites that will come in handy when we need equipment that allows advanced calculations if we don’t have an application installed, the physical calculator or we want to do some quick calculation while we are on the computer.

Online Scientific Calculators

These applications simulate the operation of a complete scientific calculator, including all the functions (square root, use pi, raise a number to a certain exponent, take tangent, sine, cosine, use it in radians, and more). Being of an educational nature, they are free and easily accessible (avoiding unnecessary registrations).

The best known and most useful. With a simple design and without distractions, the scientific calculator works perfectly and also includes a section that allows you to keep a record of the operations performed. It is one of the best options available. In addition to the use of the calculator, we can find formulas and functions.

Ocalc also has a forum available where we can leave our queries or help other people with their math problems. However, keep in mind that this forum is mostly written by English-speaking people.


Desmos, unlike our first option, also has a version in Spanish. The interface is very simple and clear to use. There are no major distractions and loading is fast as well as simple. Desmos has in addition to the Scientific Calculator, a Graphing calculator, a Four Function calculator, Matrix Calculator.

Like many other sites, it also includes a geometry tool, a classroom for teachers and students where they can leave questions or tasks. Desmos is an interesting community of mathematics, although its main content is oriented to the English language.


Symbolab is a very complete website aimed mainly at those who want to learn the different functions and their methods of use. Unlike the previous ones where we could find the calculator more directly, here we have specific use cases.

Symbolab is very complete in terms of the different options that we can find. We have formulas, use cases, guides, and more. It is one of the most complete websites in terms of formulas, methods and graphics. It even has practice sections for students.

In the same way, if we are looking for something simpler and more direct, we can always use the calculator integrated into the Google search engine.

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