Best days to buy on Amazon

Best days to buy on Amazon

If you are a compulsive shopper and you are looking for the best deals, you have to know which are the best days to buy on Amazon.

Amazon is one of the most visited online shopping sites in the world, not only for its offers, but also for the confidence it usually provides when selling its products. Offers on Amazon appears everyday, but there are precisely some days when it is possible to buy products with an insurmountable discount.

These dates are special, especially for online commerce, although there are offers throughout the year. However, Amazon has managed to position itself as one of the leaders in Internet sales, thanks precisely to its marketing campaign.

Even so, given the enormous competition that exists in the market, online stores try everything to stand out from their competitors and offer something new to users. For this reason, Amazon prepares special sales periods and here you will find out what they are, where you can buy, at an incredible price, that desktop you need, a high-end smartphone or the professional camera of your dreams.

Black Friday: The best day to buy on Amazon

Certainly, Black Friday is usually used by many online stores, but it is a key date to get good deals on Amazon. It is usually celebrated on the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. Depending on the dates on the calendar, it is usually the last Friday of the penultimate month of the year.


With only a few weeks to go before the Christmas holidays, Black Friday is the perfect occasion to buy Christmas and Three Kings gifts; that is, buy it in advance to avoid the usual troubles when these dates approach. One of the Best days to buy on Amazon. Amazon usually dedicates, in recent years, the entire weekend to Black Friday, a day on which discounts are on practically all products.

Cyber ​​Monday on Amazon

Cyber ​​Monday is another of the days marked in red by the usual purchases from online commerce. It is usually held on the Monday after Thanksgiving, that is, a few days after Black Friday, which is why many online businesses take advantage of their proximity to hold a festival of offers at the same time.

Amazon, of course, is not far behind and during Cyber ​​Monday, which can last longer than 24 hours, it launches very good offers, some of which do not even appear on Black Friday.

Exclusive offers on Amazon Prime Day

If there is a star day to buy on Amazon, it is Amazon Prime Day. It is in this period that users of the online trading platform will find exclusive offers, especially in the technological section.

Amazon Prime Day is a shopping event that, unlike Black Friday, is exclusive to Amazon and reserved only for those with an active Amazon Prime account. Amazon Prime Day is ideal for saving some money on a wide range of products, especially electronics.

Amazon Prime Day, which began to be celebrated in 2015, is, as can be seen, an event highly anticipated by users, which is why Jeff Bezos’ company decreed that 2019 last two days for the first time. This action could end up becoming a tradition, since Amazon, the previous year, broke the record for Amazon Prime subscribers, selling millions of products.

To participate in Amazon Prime Day you must be subscribed to Amazon Prime, in order to obtain exclusive discounts on products in all available lines offered and buy on Amazon. The annual subscription costs $119, but it offers you, in addition to exclusive Amazon discounts, access to its Prime Video content platform, with which it competes against another streaming giant, Netflix.

Other Amazon offers

Of course, there are also offers for users who don’t want to subscribe to and buy from Amazon, but you can always start a free 30-day trial account. But the monthly or annual subscription offers fast, free and unlimited delivery at no additional cost, access to Prime Music as well, and 40 hours of ad-free music per month. Not only that, it also offers hundreds of hours of reading for Kindle with Prime Reading, additional material on Twitch Prime, storage of photos in Amazon Photos, flash offers on the sales platform, exclusive reservations and the best promotions for children with Amazon Family.