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How to screen record in Windows 11 (or Windows 10)

screen record in Windows 11

Do you want to screen record in Windows 11? It is very simple. Learn here how and without installing any additional programs. These days, virtually all computers come with microphones and webcams, but they don’t always have software that effectively and easily…

How to See a Tinder Profile Again

How to See a Tinder Profile Again

If you regret rejecting someone on Tinder, find out how to See a Tinder Profile Again. There is always a solution to reverse your decision. Find out how. The operation of Tinder , the dating app to meet close people with whom…

How to download a TikTok video

download a TikTok video

Find out how to download a TikTok video. This social network continues to gain popularity among users and every day thousands of videos are added to the content of this app, which offers a wide repertoire of filters that unleashes creativity,…

The Best 7 Apps like Tinder – Dating Apps

Tinder Mistakes

If you are looking for apps like Tinder and want to sign up for an online dating app, there are many free options, and you will find them here. There is life beyond Tinder. Although many people do not believe…

Best days to buy on Amazon

Best days to buy on Amazon

If you are a compulsive shopper and you are looking for the best deals, you have to know which are the best days to buy on Amazon. Amazon is one of the most visited online shopping sites in the world,…

How to download Instagram stories

download Instagram stories

Learn how to download Instagram Stories. InstaStories is the most used functionality on Instagram, but the social network does not allow followers to download the stories of their favorite users. Here learn how. Do you want to download your favorite stories and…

How to create a temporary email address

Create a temporary email

Learn how to create a temporary email address to be able to use it in registration of websites where we do not want to use our main email. It is likely that on numerous occasions we find a web site…

How to upload photos to Instagram from my PC

upload photos to Instagram

Learn how to upload photos to Instagram from your PC Desktop with Windows or Mac. Instagram is an app that is used almost exclusively on smartphones, but there are alternatives that allow you, for example, to upload photos from your…

How to download my Instagram photos

download my Instagram photos

Today I thought, how could I download my Instagram photos? Well, if you want to download photos from your Instagram account and you can’t, here you will find alternatives to do it on your favorite social network. Instagram does not allow you…

How to track an Amazon package

track an Amazon package

There are several ways to track an Amazon package or trace a package purchased on Amazon. If the option that the same store gives you is not enough for you, here you will find others. You bought the artifact you’ve…

How to Download WhatsApp Stickers

Download WhatsApp Stickers

Find out where you can download the fabulous stickers, which right now reign in the conversations of the instant messaging application. WhatsApp stickers dominate conversations today. It is true that from time to time you will meet a friend who does not feel comfortable…