5 Best Netflix Alternatives to Watch Online


Netflix is ​​the streaming giant, but every day there is more competition, discover the best Netflix alternatives in the US. The giant Netflix is ​​the most popular thanks to its extensive catalog of series and movies, including its own content, and several languages. However, it is not the only paid content platform, and it is important to know alternatives.

The arrival of Netflix meant a complete revolution in the distribution of content on the Internet, with such an impact that other large companies in the world were quick to adapt to the model, with an offer of their own productions and with different payment models, which invite users to disengage from Netflix and give the opportunity to another content platform.

Competition improves the offer for the user.

Netflix, which initially based its content plan on broadcasting the productions of others, now strongly encourages users to consume their own content, promoting emerging directing and acting talent, but its growing popularity has also attracted professionals with great experience. A large number of its original products have competed for prestigious awards such as the Oscars, Golden Globes or Emmys.

Faced with a Netflix that tries to reach more people around the world every year , the competition has to keep up. For this reason, today we present alternatives to Netflix, the streaming giant, where you can also enjoy high-quality content at an affordable price.

Alternatives to Netflix: Amazon Prime Video

One of Netflix’s main competitors is Amazon Prime Video , which is available, like Netflix, on a wide variety of devices and operating systems. Like the streaming giant, Amazon Prime Video also has a trial month, after which you can decide whether to continue with the subscription or cancel it. You can choose to purchase a monthly package or the Prime subscription, reserving the complete package for one year.


But what’s really special about Amazon Video is that your subscription is tied to the Amazon Prime service, the most popular sales service in the world. With the subscription to Amazon Prime Video you will also be able to deliver faster deliveries to your home, a complete music service and an ebook rental service.

In addition, the Amazon Prime Video offer, which can be viewed in SD, HD, 4K and HDR quality with subtitles and the original version, is of high quality. It has original productions such as ‘The man in the High Castle’ or ‘Transparent’, as well as important productions that went through the cinema with the ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy.

HBO Max content (Soon “MAX”)

HBO Max is the other major competitor among the alternatives to Netflix, mainly due to the quality of its content. The multi-award winning TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ was produced by HBO, which shows that the quality bar is high on this platform.


This platform has fewer series and movies than Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, since most of its productions are original, although it also added movies and TV series from other providers to its catalog. ‘Chernobyl’, ‘Big Little Lies’, ‘Silicon Valley’ or ‘Veep’ are some of the famous productions that users can enjoy if they subscribe to HBO content.

In addition, this platform, which made the leap from television to streaming, offers strict parental control, which allows parents to configure the content that should not be seen by minors. This control is configured through the ‘kids’ section, having to enter a PIN to access content blocked by parents.

Later this year HBO Max will translate into a new service called MAX. This will include Discovery Channel content, so a price change may happen.

Best Netflix Alternatives: Filmin, the independent content

Another platform that competes with Netflix is ​​Filmin , which has more than 10,000 titles of independent series and films. It is also available to view the content on desktop, smartphone, Smart TV, Apple TV or PlayStation. It offers three types of subscriptions: basic, monthly plus and annual. It has classic content and cult or alternative cinema. Like this, Mubi is another great service.

Google Play Movies & TV

The giant Google also offers a streaming movie and series service, but without a subscription involved. The Google Play platform allows users to buy or rent movies, episodes or entire seasons of series. This is a good alternative for those users who are not so fond of streaming and prefer to enjoy specific content on a few occasions. It’s available for a wide variety of devices and a solid alternative to Netflix.

The anime on Crunchyroll

If anime is your thing, the best site is Crunchyroll , a platform specializing in the content of Japanese production, which broadcasts the episodes of the most requested anime just an hour after they are broadcast in the country of the rising sun.

Titles like ‘Naruto Shippuden’, ‘One Punh Man’, ‘Dr. Stone’ or ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ are found on this platform, which has a monthly subscription, but also offers the user the chance to enjoy the content for free the first month. However, if you do not want to subscribe to Crunchyroll, it is also possible to enjoy all its content, with some restrictions such as ads in each episode.